Compression Springs

Compression springs are coiled springs that offers resistance to compressive forces. Compression springs are the most common spring configuration and are found in many applications such as automotive and consumer goods.

We supply the following variety:

  • Helical Compression Springs
  • Tapered Compression Springs
  • Conical Compression Springs
  • Barrel shape Compression Springs
  • Rectangular Compression Springs
  • Hourglass Compression Springs
  • Straight Cylindrical Compression Springs
  • Valute Springs
  • and others

Tension Springs

Tension springs are close wounded springs which resists force when pulled along its length in opposite directions. Tension springs are typically installed with an initial tension that stretches the spring until the coils are close to separating. 

They are found in many applications such as a common household stapler, garage doors and trampolines.

We supply the following tension springs with varies different ends such as:

  • German Loops,
  • English Loops (Single or Double),
  • Swivel Loops
  • Loops to fit your application

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are type of coils used to apply a torque or store rotational energy and subsequently release it. Torsion springs are most commonly used in clothespins, window blinds, counterbalance mechanisms, hinges and ratchets.

We manufacture and supply a wide variety of:

  • Single Torsion Springs and
  • Double Torsion Springs

Wire Forming

We are fully equipped to manufacture any type of wire form to almost any shape in Mild Steel, Spring Steel, Stainless Steel and Pre Galvanized Wire. The wire thickness ranges from 0.3 mm to 8.0 mm.

Clock Springs 

Clock springs are made by winding a pre-stressed flat strip of spring material into a retaining ring to create a compact power source.

Clock springs are most commonly used in the automotive industry, pressed drills, band saws etc.

Clips, Rings & Wave Washers

We manufacture and not limited to the following according to your specifications:

  • Circlips
  • R-clips
  • Rings
  • Key Rings
  • Wave Washers


We supply all types of fasteners needed for your component assembly

  • I-bolts
  • Pigtails
  • U-bolts
  • Earth bolts
  • Nuts
  • Washers
  • General bolts

Flat Section Components:

We can manufacture any component made from flat material such as:

  • Disc Washers
  • Brake Cotters
  • Blades (Cutter/Lawnmower)
  • Pan Rests
  • Leaf Springs
  • Flat Clips